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{July 1, 2008}   An update

Keeping up a blog is hard work, sorry I’ve been so busy!

At last check I was 165 lbs and down to a size 10 in some jeans and a size 12 petite work pants in some other brands. Woot!

I’ve been going back and forth between raw and non-raw but still healthy foods. I’m going to try to do more raw. I might do a 100 day raw challenge with this hip chick as she starts her SECOND raw challenge: view this link for inspiration!

I made some raw vegan brownies the other day which are so much love! And filled my kichen up with lovely fresh fruits and veggies!


{June 3, 2008}   Back on track

Half a banana followed by a major workout – 700 calories burned in a 3 mile uphill hike at the gym.

Lunch – fresh fruit smoothie

Dinner – raw zucchini strips, banana nut smoothie

Lots of water of course

Also an extra 20 min walk on my lunch hour.

{June 2, 2008}   Bad Weekend

It’s been a bad weekend of eating too  many cooked foods and eating out! Ops! Better get back on track this week! I’m actually looking forward to my green smoothie in the morning!

I start graduate school tomorrow as well!

{May 30, 2008}   Day 4 on Mostly Raw

Yesterday I ate RAW for breakfast and lunch then caved and ate some cooked foods with my dinner but all in all it’s been a great 4 day’s on mostly raw foods. I’m down to 168.2 lbs.

I have a lot of engry and feeling pretty light and happy. I really enjoy the green smoothies for breakfast. They are sweet but full of veggie-goodness and keep you feeling full all morning. This morning we made green smoothie 1 – but instead of strawberries we used one apple – it was great!

{May 30, 2008}   Raw Vegan Brownies

My husband and children love these!! Great for a dessert fix!!

“Raw Priestess Brownies”
by Christine D. Winters, the Raw Priestess
Her Link

1 cup walnuts (not soaked)
1 cup medjool dates (pitted, not soaked)
1/4 cup ground cacao or carob powder

Put all in food processor. Blend until the “dough” start making itself into a big ball.

Press into a pan, cut into 16 squares. Gets more firm in the fridge.

My changes:

I use carob chips and used 1/2 cup of them, worked great!

I made them into “balls” instead of putting them in a pan. More fun. You can also make the serving sizes smaller if you want. Roll in coconut or nuts for more fun!


food facts

I made the nutrional facts based on 1 out of 16 servings.

{May 29, 2008}   What did I eat today?

I’m not going to post what I eat every single day but today was a great example day so here we go!

Green Smoothie for breakfast

Almonds for a snack

Big green salad with spouts and home made dressing

Snacks – walnuts, dried cherries, an apple

Before my workout – a banana

Workout – worked out with my trainer, did core strengthening, and then did more cardio whew!!

Dinner – The Raw Korma and the raw ice cream recipes I just posted – both very very yummy!!

Almost all raw foods today! (just the almond butter in the ice cream wasn’t really “raw”) Hurray!

{May 29, 2008}   Almost Raw Banana Ice Cream

In a blender:

Frozen Banana

Almond Butter

Almond Milk

2 dates

Blend until it’s like soft serve!

So yummy! I like to top with granola and chopped cherries!

{May 29, 2008}   Raw Cauliflower Korma

Serves 2 (this is the original recipe – but if I did it again I would do a variety of as the base instead of all cauliflower, yum!)

Chop Fine half a head of cauliflower and add 1/4 cup raisins (I used golden raisins) place in a bowl and set aside (if you would like add other chopped veggies!)


Put the following in a blender –

handful shredded carrot
half a small chopped onion
2 tbs water
2 tbs mild curry powder
1 tbs chili powder
1 handful cashew nuts
1 sprinkle tumeric
1 sprinkle cumin
1 tomato chopped
2 dates chopped
1/4 cup or more almond milk

Blend until sauce-like

Pour over your veggies!

{May 28, 2008}   Berry Healthy!

Tis the Spring Season for Berry Flavor!

Nature’s vitamin shop: blueberries, blackberries, cranberries, raspberries and strawberries have been proven to combat free radicals that damage cells and cause disease, and they may even slow the aging process — all for less than 100 calories (for about 2 cups)! And 11 medium strawberries will give you as much Vitamin C as your morning O.J. (with calcium, folic acid and magnesium).  (*information from vital juice daily newsletter)

{May 28, 2008}   Green Smoothie One

There are so many green smoothie variations you can do – mostly I just love to throw things in the blender and flip the switch. Here’s what when in tonight:

Kale, Spinach, banana, 3 strawberries, 2 dates, 1/3 cup almond milk, water and an ice cube to make it thick.

Made a huge thick smoothie! Bright pretty green, tasty! Perfect for dinner filled half the blender – I couldn’t even finish it. Even my husband who stole a taste liked it!

et cetera